Welcome to Innovative Industries, LLC., proud creators of an app that… will save you thousands on your next used car purchase and — just may save your life.


More than eighty percent of vehicles over three years old have multiple recalls issued. Some are not very important such as faulty water hoses and fan belts, and others may cause serious injury or even death. Any factory recall is repaired free of charge by the manufacturer’s dealer. You—or a loved one, may be driving around in a vehicle that has; inoperable air bags, faulty brakes pads or master cylinder, fuel issues, or a structurally weak gas tank! Download SNAFU Scan today and get the peace of mind of knowing you are operating a safe vehicle.


Most people don’t realize it, but ninety percent of any inventory that you see on used car lots come from dealer-only auctions. Very few independent dealers buy trade-ins. The dealer auction is a place where the general public is barred entry by local police. Why? Because what the dealers actually pay for their inventory is the most closely guarded secret in the used car business. All vehicles sell at auction for thousands less than the Kelley Blue Book price it publishes for consumers. It’s not unusual for used car dealers to make five to ten thousand dollars and more on one vehicle transaction.

SNAFU Scan is a groundbreaking app that let’s you see what the dealer sees at the auction — the current market wholesale price of any vehicle from 1998 to the current models. When you upgrade from the free factory recall scanner to the General’s Version of SNAFU Scan you’ll know what the dealer is paying for a vehicle. Knowing the real wholesale value levels the playing field in terms of negotiating a deal. Dealers are known to manufacture “auction receipts” showing inflated values of their actual investment to circumvent low-ball offers from prospects. Armed with SNAFU Scan you’ll see what they paid for the vehicle. A full thirty-day subscription to SNAFU Scan’s money saving features is only $4.99!

As a subscriber you’ll have access to the War Room. This is SNAFU Scan’s web-powered super feature that allows you to make hundreds of online offers to dealerships in your neighborhood and nationwide. No VIN scanning required. Within our customized browser you can run a vehicle’s VIN number and get the dealer’s cost. Start your own War Room Operation and make hundreds of informed and fair offers with just a couple clicks. SNAFU Scan could save you thousands on your next vehicle purchase!